As Shlool-turism, we take you from the airport with our quality and safe vehicles and leave you to your hotel where you will stay.We offer you holiday opportunities with these high quality and spacious facilities.As Shlool-turism, we offer excellent organizations with privileged holiday opportunities for our guests who want to spend a quality holiday. We give everyone a holiday opportunity with hotel and tour campaigns.


Experience mysterious history with perfect scenery..

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With many price options for every budget, tours offer holiday lovers the opportunity to make the most appropriate choice for their budget. With affordable tours, you can make the most of your free time, whether by day or weekend tours.

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The holiday I chose from your company and went to was very nice.Thank you very much to everyone who contributed...

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  If we look at the philosophy of the work we all in some way we have passengers in our own lives, yes

but we must also remember this exciting passion for travel to the world we live in.


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 We wanted to share with you what we learned, what we know,what we traveled.It's about to meet in useful and enlightening information..




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